All AMDS technologies are disruptive in their state-of-the-art approach to solving the most difficult of analysis problems, ‘Repeatable measurement of low ppb contaminants in real time at the source. With the exception of REX, currently existing technologies cannot analyze to low ppb levels in real time, at the source, with no consumables or user interface required and with self calibration – PERIOD.

Current analyzers such as ICPMS, AA and HPLC have major shortcomings such as:

  • They are fragile
  • Require highly trained operators
  • Do not self calibrate
  • Use expensive gasses and other consumables
  • Require regular maintenance and calibration.

Online in-process analyzers lack sensitivity usually no better than ppm measurements

When out sourcing samples there usually is a large time lag from sampling to results and there are questions concerning chain of custody

Highly skilled labor required for sample collection, prep, and analysis

The company’s instruments are patented, rugged, highly sensitive detectors permitting repeatable accurate analysis of toxic metals in liquid flow streams to the low ppb and ppt levels. All of the company’s products are designed to operate unattended with remote data transfer capabilities enabling their clients to monitor their discharges from multiple locations and creating a cleaner and safer environment.

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