Stockton, California — American Micro Detection Systems, Inc. is one of more than 100 U.S. companies heading to Africa for the U.S. Department of Commerce-led Trade Winds—Africa trade mission and business forum. Trade Winds—Africa is the largest-ever U.S. government-led trade mission to Africa.

“Africa presents an incredible opportunity for global U.S. companies,” said Regional Senior U.S. Commercial Officer Donald Nay, the highest-ranking commercial diplomat in Sub-Saharan Africa. “We are excited to bring these companies to the continent, connect them to promising opportunities, and get them on the right path to success.”

Trade Winds is a business forum and series of business-to-business meetings in Johannesburg, South Africa, plus seven optional trade mission stops in Angola, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria, and Tanzania. At each mission stop, attending companies meet directly with government leaders, market experts, and pre-vetted potential business partners in the region.

AMDS is participating in the business forum and mission stop(s) in Tanzania, South Africa, and Kenya.

AMDS develops and manufactures an exciting new paradigm shift in water quality analysis instrumentation for municipal and industrial users.  AMDS’s ISO 17025 certified product, REX, measures dissolved hazardous metals from the high parts per thousand to the low parts per billion in real time at the source with absolutely no user interface required and no consumables.  REX provides unheard of accuracy and ease of use for analysis of dissolved metals from aluminum to uranium in real time and transmits data to any desired worldwide location.

“Africa presents a great opportunity and unique challenge for us,” said Robert Keville, AMDS’s President and CEO “We are excited about joining this mission and finding inroads to success in the continent and in addition we are especially enthused about the potential of placing up to 150 REX units, at our cost, throughout Africa for remote monitoring of water sources in small remote village areas where metals poisoning, specifically arsenic, is a very real danger to the population.

Sub-Saharan Africa is a promising market for U.S. exporters. It is home to six of the ten fastest-growing economies in the world and has a rapidly growing middle class.

Trade Winds is an important part of the United States’ Doing Business in Africa campaign, under which the government has committed billions of dollars to development initiatives in Africa, and has facilitated billions more in U.S.-Africa business deals.


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