Mr. Robert Keville, CEO

Robert Keville Mr. Robert Keville, CEO is a driven, analytical, astute and business savvy Senior Executive with broad-based experience in strategic planning, financial administration, and overall operations management within mechanical engineering and R&D environments.  Bob has highly honed business development skills to include contractual and proposal oversight and client/customer relationships.  As an accomplished professional he has successfully developed new organizations and grown existing ones into profitable, sustainable business units.  Bob is an effective communicator possessing excellent interpersonal and relationship-building skills.  He also is a highly skilled negotiator with emphasis on contracts management.  Bob, along with Dan Dietrich founded AMDS, Inc. in 2003 with the objective of developing state-of-the-art sensor systems for industry.


Dr. Daniel Dietrich – Chief Science Officer

Daniel Dietrich Dr. Daniel D. Dietrich, Chief Science Officer, is a PhD. Physicist and Chief Science Officer at AMDS, Inc..  Dr. Dietrich, a Clarendon Research Fellow, is well known and regarded with national and international credentials and over 100-refereed publications.  He has over 25 years of senior scientist experience for the Department of Energy, The University of California, and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.  He has proven skills in technology analysis and the merging of technologies into new and useful products.  Dr. Dietrich is the scientific lead behind the development of REX™, ToxicAlert™, and PDL™.  Dan has managed several multi-million dollar program teams from conceptualization through implementation and deployment of highly technical sensor systems for a variety of government agencies.

Mr. Lynn Essman – Chief Operating Officer

Lynn Essman Mr. Lynn Essman Chief Operating Officer, as VP of Product Development, has managed several prominent technology companies to include Tralas Technologies and UniPixel and he was heavily involved in the successful Joint US Air Force and Army, ASAS program.  Mr. Essman has been with AMDS since 2006.  Mr. Essman received a BA degree from University of Northern Colorado and ended his US Air Force career as a Major with a specialty as a Systems Engineer of Military Intelligence Information Systems.  Lynn has taken the lead in developing AMDS’s funding effort and sales team into forward looking elements with very good success.